Bus 52 Makes a Stop at HHSC

When Bus 52 rolled into Las Vegas recently and expressed an interest in profiling Helping Hands Surgical Care, we had to learn the interesting story behind the project. Bus 52 is comprised of college students and recent graduates, ages 22-24, who set out to trek across the US in a converted school bus profiling interesting lifestyle stories.

Enter Helping Hands Surgical Care (HHSC).

In its journey across Nevada, Bus 52 sought to profile HHSC because it fit into its goal of highlighting “good, inspiring things.”

Along with interviews with HHSC co-founders, Dr. Kevin Petersen and Kelly Petersen, who also serves as HHSC’s unpaid executive director,  Bus 52 members Amy Chin, Amy Wallace and Steven Hascher also spoke with HHSC staff and patient Patricia Maurer.

“I hated turning away patients,” Dr. Petersen said, in discussing some of the reasons why HHSC has become successful. “What we do is immensely gratifying. When they [the patients] come back, you can see the gratitude in their facial expressions.”

Kelly Petersen spoke similarly to the Bus 52 students about the patients.

“I only meet the patients on paper, and yet I feel so close to them—it is wonderful,” Petersen said. “Every single patient has given back to us—it’s very rewarding.”

The morning after the HHSC shoot, the Bus 52 crew sat through an interview of their own with CBS This Morning!

We will keep you posted on when the HHSC profile will available on the Bus 52 website.



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