Thanks to you, 10 more Nevadans will get healthy

On May 4, friends, fans and supporters of Helping Hands Surgical Care came together for an evening of Fashion, Pampering and Purpose at TEASE Boutique Salon. The event was made possible by these generous sponsors: Luxury, Saks Fifth Avenue, Best Agency, Pomp & Circumstance, Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada, Ferraro’s and of course, all the staff at TEASE Boutique Salon.

In addition to great food and drink, salon services, fashion and fun, we raised enough money to change the lives of 10 uninsured Nevadans suffering from debilitating and painful conditions.

Here are some highlights from that memorable evening:

Tanya Busse

Tanya Busse was a guest at “Pampering and Purpose” and also a volunteer with the silent auction. Tanya lived partly in Bulgaria growing up and said “we’re so blessed here in the US to have agencies like HHSC to help people out. I think it’s great what they’re doing.”

Dr. Bishir Hijazi, a local hand and micro-surgeon with The Hand & Wrist Specialty Center, has known Dr. Petersen for more than 10 years and openly expressed his willingness to help Dr. Petersen in any way he can. “His heart is in the right place,” he said.“I’m very impressed with Dr. Petersen.”

Joe Dylag, an administrator with the Medical District Surgery Center where our surgeries are

Joe Dylag (left), Dr. Bishir Hijazi (right)

performed, said the turnout at the event was“positive” and “exceeded expectations.”

Dylag said, “HHSC is an excellent idea. We are encouraging surgeons to help ‘locals’ versus having them go overseas to perform charity work. Charity begins at home.” Dylag called Dr. Petersen “a gifted human being”for being innovative with his business and his charity work.

Thanks for joining us and making a difference for those who are unable to help themselves. We appreciate your generous hearts that will help our healing hands.


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