How Uninsured Nevadans Can Access Basic Health Services

Welcome to our blog. We hope this forum will provide an opportunity to discuss more of what the Helping Hands Surgical Care (HHSC) organization is all about, along with presenting other topics of interest.

HHSC’s mission is to provide charitable care to Nevada residents who are uninsured. According to Census Bureau data, roughly 481,000 Nevada adults, ages 18-64, lack health insurance, making the Silver State the nation’s third highest for uninsured adults. These figures were recently highlighted in a Las Vegas CityLife article, appropriately titled “Nevada Could Use a Dose of Health Care Reform.”

How does one access medical care and treatment if they lack health insurance in Nevada?

For those residents who are uninsured, accessing the state’s Medicaid services is one way to obtain medical care should the need arise. Minor cuts, bruises, cures for the common cold and other minor ailments can be treated at any Minute Clinic or Take-Care Clinic operated by CVS or Walgreens Pharmacy, respectively. Even UMC Quick Care facilities throughout the Las Vegas Valley are an economical option for those needing to access simple, affordable treatment and care.

Complex care may require patients to access group conglomerates, such as Access to Healthcare Network (AHN), or services operated by the social services agency of the county they reside in. A listing of these social service agencies can be accessed online.

HHSC, of course, is committed to providing free medically necessary surgery to qualifying individuals who lack insurance and do not have the means to pay for surgery. While we can’t meet the need alone, we are encouraging other doctors to join our cause and do their part to provide charity care as often as they are able.

For more information on HHSC visit our website or follow us on Facebook in English or Spanish.


One thought on “How Uninsured Nevadans Can Access Basic Health Services

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